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'Subject to Change Wine Co. exists as a canvas for exploring time and place in Northern California. The winery was founded in 2017 by Alex Pomerantz. Inspired by a true love for the intersection of California’s unique agricultural landscape, natural wine, and the many people and experiences that come along with those arenas. Over the years our team has grown, and with the help of Jonathan Walton, Kelsey Freeman, Natalia Kaminski and Dominique Henderson, our company has continued to grow, adapt, progress and improve winemaking and viticultural practices vintage after vintage. 


Better agriculture is at the forefront of our company’s mission and the cornerstone of our livelihoods. We’re endlessly inspired by the land, the people who steward it and the fruits of our collective labor. All of our wines, with the exception of the All Hours label, are single vineyard expressions. We aim to represent those people and places through the energy and transparency in the wines. We owe our excellent grower partners much of the credit for the quality of our wines. After all, winemaking starts in the vineyard.  


In an area where wine production has been marked by rules and conformity, a new movement of free-thinking producers has grown. We’re proud to be part of a community defined by freedom. It’s the most exciting time in history for California natural wine. We make wines that we like to drink which can range from chuggable and fresh, to wines that can evolve and age for years to come. Our wines are made for everyone. We don’t add or subtract anything in the cellar, as the wines are raw expressions of the organic and biodynamic vineyards from which they come. They’re native-yeast-fermented with no fining, filtration - no sulfur added, no exceptions.


Each year we get closer to reaching our goal of managing our vineyards more effectively and naturally. We work with vineyard/farming consultant David Rothschild who facilitates the honing of our farming practices. We work to cultivate healthy soils and strong natural ecosystems where our grapes are grown. Our growers and vineyard managers are our connection to these beautiful places. Our goal is to translate their healthy farming into vibrant wines that represent the natural environments in which they’re grown. 


We focus on both the quality of our wines as well as our community as whole. Like many industries, the wine industry has its faults and we are doing what we can to make meaningful and lasting change from the ground up. That means providing a living wage and health care for our team, working together in a fair and respectful environment, offering opportunities for growth within the company and a general safe space. We’re proud to have long standing relationships with growers and vineyard managers with whom we can continue to work together on the health, safety, and well-being of all those who tend to the land. 


We have way too much fun making these wines and we hope that you’ll have just as much fun drinking them.'



22 1216_STC-Disco-O.jpg


We’ve had a lot of fun with this skin-contacted, dry-farmed Sauvignon Blanc over the years. With one week of partial carbonic maceration this is classic STC: bright and animated with a juicy texture and inviting aromatics. 

22 1215 ETA-O.jpg


While much of the STC winemaking involves many lots with lots of different techniques, this wine is pretty darn simple.  This is a classic blend of 42% Zinfandel, 32% Carignan, 15% Grenache, 11% Merlot from the old vines at Rhodes Vineyard, a father and son farm in Redwood Valley.  Fruit was directly pressed into steel for fermentation and aging and like all of their wines there’s no fining, filtration or added sulfite. 

22 1216_FKA-O.jpg


When STC first started producing this cheerful field blend they called it ‘Mixtape’ but unfortunately there was a trademark issue and so they had to rebrand it to ‘Formerly Known As.’  Fitting for an STC wine, right?  The wine is an unexpected blend of Merlot, Pinotage and Chardonnay from Open Hand Ranch in Mendocino using a mix of techniques.

22 1216_LuneJuice-O.jpg


STC is one of the many excellent wineries in California reimagining Zinfandel.  With this wine, Alex and company are using their two most frequent variations on carbonic macerations.  One lot is partially crushed and left in a sealed tank for a pretty standard semi-carbonic affair.  The other half was made with what Alex likes to call ‘reverse saignée’ where half the tank is loaded up with uncrushed, whole clusters and then the rest of the tank is filled with directly pressed juice.

All Hours Cans 


With their line of All Hours canned wines, Subject to Change has joined a movement of wine business innovators trying to solve the single use container problem.  Inspired by their peers and by our friends at Djuce, these All Hours canned wines allow STC to emphasize blending as a creative tool.  While their core wines tend to be focused on single vineyard expressions, the All Hours wines are blends of disparate lots combined into new delightful experiences in portable, personally-sized and recyclable containers.

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