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Our founder and fearless leader, Oscar Hernandez, got his get go in New York’s energetic gastro scene.  A poignant encounter with a bottle of Puzelat Pineau d’Aunis opened his eyes to the magic of natural wine and he’s been hooked ever since.  Years later he moved back to Boston and was contemplating starting a business of his own.  He hadn’t thought to get into distribution just yet but at a dinner with a few friends he was saying how much he missed the incredible forward thinking wine scene in NYC and his buddy suggested he do something about bringing it to Boston!  “When I started that’s what I had in mind” Oscar says “wanting to get behind wines like that and translate a personal passion and focus on things I really believe are special.” 


Our company began with a shoestring budget, one dude, a car and psychotic dedication.  “It was crazy, I just worked all the time” Oscar reminisces about the early days “I was still working full time waiting tables and doing this Olmstead thing on the side.”  Oscar’s white knuckled determination and belief that what MA really needed was some kickass natural wine has grown into a happy collaboration of great importers, homegrown winemakers, killer restaurants and dedicated merchants.  We love our community and are so pleased that we can share these dynamic natural wines we so adore!


Olmstead’s mission is simple: champion producers we believe in, following the chain through with integrity.  Good wine from good growers going to good homes.  Simple.

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