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When people think of jetsetting oenologists they tend to imagine highly concocted, internationally-styled, animatronic wines without any of the local character we all crave.  Fredi is the exception that proves the rule.  He has come to occupy an unusual role in the wine world: always on the move and yet fixated on genuine regionality.  The guy is all about terroir as expressed through a minimal approach but he’s voracious, doing whatever he can do just constantly, always be making wine!  Fredi’s projects reach for the ideal of ‘bottling emotion’ and his restless nature has led him into all sorts of far flung collaborations.  “The world is not enough!” exclaims Fredi with an impish grin.  


Silice Viticultores is one such partnership between Fredi, his longtime friend Carlos Rodriguez and his brother Juan.  Located in Ribeira Sacra, the project began as a pipe dream one fateful afternoon in 2013 under the declining summer rays.  They started flirting with the idea of making wine from Carlos' old vines. Fredi was unsatisfied with the cellar situation so, like the maniac he is, the guy hustled like crazy to put together a cellar set up he could be happy with in the short time between that fateful beer and the harvest of 2013.  Fredi jokes ‘we’re like a kids’ Bad Boys band’ when describing the familiarity of the relationship.  Carlos is responsible for the administration, Juan the viticulture and Fredi pilots the winery and brand work. 





A field blend centered around Palomino broadened by all kinds of esoteric local varieties that are coplanted in the Rodriguez brothers' many small parcels.  Skin fermented gently resulting in more of an 'enriched white' character than the overt personality most folk associate with orange wine.  

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