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ACHAIA, Greece

It’s hard to capture Panagiotis (Panos) without sounding contradictory: the man is a bit of a paradoxical figure.  His ntensity, too-wide eyes and odd habit of never ever smiling in photographs tends to lead folks to the false impression that he’s an overly serious figure.   In life, Panos is a bit of a goof: ‘I’m like a kid!” he says as he carries on ‘conversation’ with the family of frogs that live in the well he uses for biodynamic preparations. Every single vantage point reveals a new vignette of natural interconnectivity, Panos flashes an impish grin and says “yes, this is civilization!”  There is a curious counterbalance of the mystic and the utterly rational.   A former mechanical engineer, he venerates Socrates and Steiner in the same breath, works with modern machinery but protects it from the bad vibes of outsiders with the blue-white evil eye wards cuz, ya know, the energies ‘n such.

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Old-vine, ungrafted Mavrodafni fermented in steel and aged in French oak barrels before bottling without fining or filtration.  Seriously potent stuff!  Panos likes to wait two days after he opens the bottle to drink it.  Imagine this with like 10 years of age…



Panos’ favorite grape pressed to stainless steel tank for fermentation with temperature control.  Aged in steel on the lees for 6 months before bottling without fining or filtration. 



 From the only commercial vineyard of this hyper local variety, hand harvested grapes from ungrafted vines vinified just like the Roditis. 



Picked later than the direct press rendition of the same variety, the grapes are skin fermented for 20 days in Cretan clay pots before pressing into locally made, 150 year old amphorae for aging.  Super heady stuff!



A humble table wine from Greece’s workhorse red variety grown organically by Panos’ cousin in Nemea.  Destemmed, fermented and aged in steel without fining or filtration.  Like purple hued, Greek Sangiovese!

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