HEALDSBURG, California

Despite his unassuming personality, good humor and focus on producing wines of casual excellence, Evan's virtuosic command of his craft is evident.  Each of his wines has evolved from rascally curiosities into fully realized cuvées that deliver year in and year out.  Their unflagging quality, dynamic personalities and superlative quality have elevated Evan into the upper echelons of the American wine pantheon and it seems he's just getting started.  A novel winegrowing business copiloted by Sam Bilbro (Idlewild) and a farsighted vision for a remote Utah vineyard promise an even greater array of possibilities.  Obviously, we're pretty stoked on this guy and what he's about.



This is probably Evan's most famous wine: a blasting, lively, cofermentation of red and white varieties using an riff on carbonic maceration developed for use in Flextank


Essentially an orange wine sibling to 'Feints,' Friulano, Riesling and a splash of Moscato fermented separately on the skins for 7-10 days.  Aged 6 months and bottled in the Spring.


Deeply satisfying rosé made from a mix of Portuguese varieties sourced from two of California's greatest encyclopedic vineyards: Rorick Heritage Vineyard in the Sierra Foothills and Fox Hill in Mendocino.


Whole cluster pressed Grenache Gris from 105+ year old vines.  


A rendering of Piedmont's Arneis variety that is unlike anything else.  Drinks like electrified, tropical pickle juice.   


Dry Riesling from Cole Ranch up in the hills between Ukiah and Boonville.  


Evan's whole cluster cofermentation of Carignane, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon is just so satisfying... 


Named in honor of the late Lowell Stone who established Fox Hill, this is a truly special Sangiovese that manages to merge the best of Sangiovese's more austere features with a quintessentially Californian ripeness.  Super age worthy.