Times are tough for dreamers but Brian Smith and his wife Allie have managed to defy the blue-screened modernity to create an edenic pocket dimension in rural Warren, Maine.  Fixated on embodying what was best in the pre industrial world, they’ve built a polyculture farm with a focus on community.  Brian delivers produce to the nearby town of Rockland in a literal horse carriage from 1937 and they host pizza parties and live music in a charming little space they built up recently.  They grow a small patch of cold climate hybrid grapes, an orchard of cider apples, vegetables and livestock all intentegrated together and mutually supporting.  The agriculture is purely organic, they write: “Farming without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is the way of the past and the way of the future.”  The wines and ciders are similarly old school in style, unpretentious and priced to reflect their belief that wine is for the people!




The homey table white is an even mix of Cayuga and Seyval from Doyle Vineyards in the Finger Lakes, macerated briefly before pressing to steel for fermentation and aging through the winter.


The red is Baco Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon fermented in harvest bins with about 20% stem inclusion.  Pressed to barrel for 11 months aging.


This here is some delightful, zero sulfite, pet nat wonderfulness at table wine prices.  Same fruit as the American White just bottled early for the bubblies!


The newest addition to the lineup is a summer styled pink wine made using a mix of young vine, direct press juice and older vine, saignée juice.  Aged all in steel and bottle after a few short months on the lees with a modest sulfite add