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NEMEA, Peloponnese

Anna Halkia and her husband Yorgo care for his family’s vineyard in the much touted and often misunderstood Nemea region.  Despite the clout, Nemea is still working to define itself in the modern era and translate its incredibly diverse terrain into a framework the world can understand.  The Halkia’s are an interesting, if small, portion of this story.  Indomindable Anna whose Australian accent reveals her childhood as an immigrant before returning to native Greece pilots the brand and takes responsibility for steering the cellar work with Yorgo calling the shots among the vines.  


Like many organic growers, Yorgo tried the chemical agricultural products at one point but he started coughing and concluded that it wasn’t worth it.  After many years as grape growers selling fruit to other producers, the Halkias decided they could do a better job capitalizing on their healthy organic grapes by making the wine themselves and without much technology they necessarily made natural wine. 



White f.jpeg


Young vine Assyrtiko fermented on the skins for a few days and then finished in steel and bottled in winter.

Red f.jpeg


From a 23 year old hillside vineyard with springy clay soils on the bottom and limestone at the top.  Fermented and aged in steel.

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