With 530 hectares of true polyculture, the sprawling farm Fattoria di Vaira is among the most ambitious biodynamic enterprises in all of Italy.  Located in the often overlooked region of Molise, south of Abruzzo between the cities of Termoli and Vasto, Paola Santi and her team raise cattle, farm rotation crops, cereals, olive groves and grape vines.  

Although the farm encompasses 530 hectares in total, vines account for only 70 hectares divided between traditional and bordelaise varieties with 50 ha planted to the traditional ‘Tendone’ pergola system and the rest on a spurred cordon system.  Situated between the mountains and the ocean, the farm benefits from cool Adriatic breezes coming from Eastern Europe. 




You know how customers will occasionally ask “what does orange wine taste like?”  This, orange wine tastes like orange wine exactly.  This blend of Trebbiano and Falanghina delivers that much sought after foundational orange wine experience without the premium pricepoint.  Wicked flexible with dinner and a great cocktail wine besides.


The red, well, if the orange is exactly what you’d expect, the red is a bit of a plot twist.  Montepulciano with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon but the style is really closer to something from the Loire if such a wine could have the salty snap and ripeness of the adriatic.  It’s brambly and a bit earthy but with an eminently crushable, juicy quality.  Definitely one of those wines that’ll disappear on you!