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A banker, a factory worker, a printer and a firefighter walk into a bar.  Sounds like the start of a dorky joke but that’s how Azienda Agricola Aurora got its start.  The foursome settled on their course over many discussions on the meaning of work and how best to live for food, travel and passion.  Of the four, only Lorenzo the firefighter had any experience in agriculture but his family embraced the dream he shared with his friends and helped them build the skills to realize their vision.  For the first few years they were weekend warriors, sharing labor over weekends and holidays to get their vision up and running.  In the early 80’s their friend Federico joined them and they were finally ready to expand their side hustle into a full operation just as committed to biodiversity and clean farming as they were in the very beginning. 





50% Trebbiano, 25% Passerina and 25% Pecorino fermented and aged in steel with frequent rackings to achieve clarity and blended shortly before bottling.

Rosso Piceno.png


Classic Rosso Piceno style with Montepulciano and Sangiovese boosted with a little very non-traditional Cabernet Sauvignon.  Super fresh and charming with snappy acidity.

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